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What to do if you want legislation drafted

If you are from a Government Ministry, Department, or Agency

All proposed legislation should be based on a policy (statement of intention, strategy, principles and course of action, etc) that has been developed and approved by the Ministry, Department, or Agency.

Cabinet must first approve the policy for the proposed legislation, whether for new legislation or amendment to existing legislation. This requirement does not apply to subsidiary legislation.

Your Agency must prepare Drafting Instructions (Details of the policy that form the necessary basis for proposed legislation) for the drafting of the legislation. This is to be submitted to the Legislative Drafting Section for drafting of the legislation.

In the case of subsidiary legislation, the drafting instructions should be sent to the Legislative Drafting Section for the drafting of the subsidiary legislation before Cabinet approval is sought.

If you are member of the public or from a private body

You have a number of options available to you, and we encourage you to take up any or all of them:

  • You can enquire from our Section or the Office of the Solicitor General as to which Ministry is responsible for the legislation or area of Government business.
  • You can then approach the relevant Ministry to make proposals for new legislation or amendment to existing legislation.
  • You can also approach a lobby group or Civil Society Organisation or NGO to raise your concern with the relevant Ministry.
  • You can also ask your Member of Parliament to raise it in Parliament
  • You write to the Attorney General.