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What We Do

Our work is to draft or write: -

  • new laws (legislation); or
  • changes or amendments to existing laws;
as required by the Government.

This legislation includes: -

  • Acts (laws approved by Parliament); and
  • subsidiary legislation (laws made under the power of an Act).

A bill (proposed Act) is a proposed law that is written or drafted to be debated in and approved by Parliament before it can become an Act of Parliament. Parliament includes the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President. A Bill is approved by Parliament after it has been passed by the both Houses of Parliament and signed (assented) by the President. It will officially become law when it is published in the Government Gazette.

Subsidiary legislation (eg regulations, order, bylaws, rules, etc) is made by a person or body authorised in the Act. In most cases, a Minister is normally given power to make subsidiary legislation. Subsidiary legislation does not require approval of Parliament to become a law. It will require the approval of Cabinet before the Minister can make the subsidiary legislation.

We advise or give opinion to Government Ministries/departments on their initial intention to make new legislation or to amend existing legislation.

Whenever required, we give opinion on the legal meaning of provisions of existing legislation.

We assist in explaining Bills to committees of Parliament (Sector Standing Committees or select committees), Senators, and when required, to the Government Caucus (all members of Parliament that form the Government side).