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Recent Acquisitions

In late December 2005 and early 2006, the Library Committee in the Office has purchased a number of important legal texts, and has renewed subscriptions to several important law reports. Some of the new titles in our library as are follows (purchased late last year and in early 2006):



 Habeas Corpus Australia, New Zealand the South Pacific

Bullen, Leake & Jacobs Precedents of Pleadings 16th Edition Vol 2

Bullen, Leake & Jacobs Precedents of Pleadings 16th Edition Vol 1

De Smith's Judicial Review 6th Edition

 Free & Frank: Making the Official Information Act 1982 Work Better

Tarts (The Laws of Australia) 2nd Edition

 Land Law 5th Edition

 Joske's Law & Procedure at Meetings in Australia

 Handbook of Land Compensation

 Williams Law & Practice in Bankruptcy
18th Edition

 The Principles of Equitable Remedies
7th Edition

 Mental Health Law in New Zealand
2nd Edition

 Chitty on Contracts 29th Edition Vol 2

 Words and Phrases Legally Defined
4th Edition Vol 2 L-Z

 Words and Phrases Legally Defined
4th Edition Vol 1 A-K

 Delegation of Governmental Powers to Private Parties

 Multinational Enterprises and the Law

 Bullen & Leake and Jacobs:Precedents of Pleading 13th Edition

 Bowstead and Reynolds on Agency

 Constitutional and Administrative Law in New Zealand 3rd Edition

 Medical Law in New Zealand

 The Law of Contract 11th Edition

 Medical Mistakes

 Civil Practice 2008

 Medicine, Patients and the Law
4th Edition

 Cross and Tapper on Evidence
11th Edition

 The Supreme Court Practice 1999
Index and Tables

 The Supreme Court Practice 1999 Vol 2

 The Supreme Court Practice 1999 Vol 1

 Asset Recovery II 2nd Edition

 Asset Recovery I 2nd Edition

 Medical Mistakes

 Cross and Tapperon Evidence
11th Edition

  Civil Practice 2008

 Medicine , Patients and the Law
 4th Edition

 The Law of Contract 12th Edition

 Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreement

Receivers, Managers and Administrators
4th Edition

The Law  of Administrators                      and Receivers of Companies

 Commercial Enforcement

 Exemption Clauses & Unfair Terms
 2nd Edition

 The Proceeds of Crime
 2nd Edition

Environment Impact Assessment - Law and Practice

 Disclosure 3rd Edition

 Biodeversity and the Law

 The Construction of Contracts

 Frustration and Force Majeure

 Limitation Periods in Personal Injury Action

 Intellectual Property 6th Edition

 Misrepresentation, Mistake and Non-Disclosure

 The Nature of the Crown

 Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

 The Law of Extraditions and Mutual Assistance 2nd Edition

Mergers & Acquisitions

 Artidge and Parry on Fraud 3rd Edition

 Forum NonConveniens

 Employment Law and Human Rights
2nd Edition

 Personal Injury Limitation Law 2nd Edition

Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contract 2nd Edition

David Clerk & Gerard McCoy

 William Blair

William Blair

H.Woolf,Jeffrey Jowell, A Le Sueur

 Nicola Cohite

 Edited by Paul Vaut

 Peter Butt



 M Hunter

 I.C F. Spry

 Sylvia Bell and Warren Brookbanks

 H.G Beale

David Hay

David Hay

Catherine M. Donnelly


Sir Jack I.H Jacob


Philip A.Joseph

 Skegg Patterson

 Edwin Peel

 Charles Foster

 Judge William Rose

 Margaret Brazier

 Collin Tapper

 Sir Richard Scott

 Sir Richard Scott

 Sir Richard Scott

 Ian Smith

 Ian Smith

   Charles Foster

Collin Tapper

 Judge William Rose


 Edwin Peel

 Andrew Comben

Hubert Picarda

Sir Gavin Lightman

Sarah Payne

Elizabeth Macdonald

 Trevor Millington

 Stephen Tromans

 Paul Matthews

Charles R McManis

 Gerard Mc Meel

 Sir Guenter Treitel


 William Cornish

 John  Cartwright

 Maurice Sunkin

 Carlos M correa

Clive Nicholls

 Andreas Lachmunn

 Jacques Parry

Ronald A Brand

 Robin Allen

Rodney Nelson-Jones

 Mark Anderson

 Security and Human Rights


The Law Practice of Shareholders
2nd Edition


Electronic Evidence
1st Edition


Electronic Signatures in Law
2nd Edition

Employment Law 2nd Edition


Employment Law Practice 2007

Subrogation-Law and Practice                                             

The Law of Assignment                                    

 Statute Law in New Zealand
3rd Edition 2003


Stroud's Judicial Dictionary of Words & Phrases (7th Edition - 2006)

Benjamin J. Goold


Katherine Reece Thomas


Stephen Mason


Stephen Mason

John Duddington


John Bowers


Charles Mitchell
Stephen Watterson


Marcus Smith


3rd Edition 2003

Daniel Greenberg, Stroud

Documentary Evidence (9th Edition - 2006)

Charles Hollander QC

Principles of Medical Law (2nd Ed)
Andrew Grubb

Corruption & Misuse of Public Office

Colin Nicholls QC

The Law of Privilege

Bankim Thanki QC

The World Trade Organisation: Law, Practice & Policy (2nd Ed)

Mitsuo Matsushita

Privilege (2nd Ed)

Colin Passmore

Interpreting Constitutions


Construction Contracts


O'Hare & Browne's Civil Litigation (12th Ed)

Aldridge, Eady & Smith on Contempt (3rd Ed)

Clerk & Lindsell on Torts (19th Ed)

Phipson on Evidence (16th Ed)

Turning of Points of the Common Law

Rt Hon. Lord Cooke of Thorndon

Archbold 2006

Tackling The Unconstitutional Overthrow of Democracies

John Hatchard

The Negligence Liability of Public Authorities

Cherie Booth QC & Daniel Squires

Law of Public & Utilities Procurement

Sue Arrowsmith

Using International Law in Domestic Courts

Fatima Shaheed

Statutory Interpretation

Francis Bennion

Arbitration of Commercial Disputes

Andrew & Karen Tweeddale

Freedom of Speech (2nd Ed)

Eric Barendt

Cheshire & North's Private International Law (13th Ed)

Peter North & J. Fawcett

Discrmination Law (2nd Ed)

Aileen McColgan

Law of Trusts

Geriant Thomas

Law of Set-Off (3rd Ed)

Rory Derham

Understanding Common Law Legislation: Drafting & Interpretation

Francis Bennion

Law of Privacy & The Media

Sir Michael Tugendhat

Buckley's Law of Negligence (4th Ed)

Blackstones Civil Practice 2005

Wiilliam Rose (et al)

Commercial Injunctions

Steven Gee QC

The Law of State Immunity

Hazel Fox QC

The Law of Freedom of Information

John MacDonald QC

Chitty on Contracts (29th Ed) - 2 Volumes

Professor Hugh Beale

Administrative Law (9th Ed)

Wade & Forsyth

Liability of the Crown

Hogg and Monahan

The Charter of Rights in Litigation: Direction from Supreme Court of Canada

Matthew Taylor & Mahmud Jamal

Craies on Legislation

Daniel Greenberg

Civil Procedure

Adrian Zuckerman