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Papers Presented

Below is a list of papers that was presented at the 10th Attorney-General's Conference 2008 held at Shangri-La's Fijian Resort. The papers are also available for download.

Effective Reform In the Criminal Justice System

  • Paper by Madam Justice Shameem-Puisne Judge , High Court
  • Paper by Mr Anthony Elliot, Deputy Director of Public Prosecution

  • Mr Vilimone Vosarogo, Director, Legal Aid Commission

    Development of Sports & The Law

    Paper by Justice Thomas Hickie

  • 2004

    The following is a list of papers that were presented by the respective speakers during the 2004 Attorney-General's Conference at the Warwick Resort. These papers are available for download.

  • Madam Justice Shameem

    Contempt of Court Proceedings

    Counter-terrorism and the Law

    Commissioner Hughes and Dr Korovavala

    Trade Unions and Dispute Resolution Processes in the Employment Relations Bill

    Dr Tuiketei

    The Law and HIV AIDS

    The National Native Titles Tribunal of Australia

    International Trade – WTO Dispute Resolution Mechanisms – A Small Island State Perspective

    Grahame Leung

    Rules of Professional Conduct and Practice for Legal Practitioners

    Regional and Global Co-operation on Law and Justice

    • Paper by Mr Greg Urwin

    Family Law – the Way Forward