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Past Conferences: 1998-2003

The Attorney-General's Conference was first held in 1998 at Centra Resort, Pacific Harbour. The Conference has provided an important avenue for Government lawyers to meet and discuss contemporary legal issues and subjects of importance. In the last six Conferences, a number of distinguished speakers, including judges, magistrates, Government lawyers and private practitioners, have delivered papers on a vast range of topics.

2004 Conference Group Photo

The following papers were delivered at Attorney-General's Conferences from 1998 to 2003. If you wish to obtain a copy of any of the papers listed below, please contact Mr. Deepak Singh, the librarian at the Office of the Attorney-General at Tel: 3309866 or Fax: 3302404 or via e-mail.

Attorney-General's Conference 2003

Judicial Independence

Chief Justice, Mr. Daniel Fatiaki

Alternative Dispute Resolution - NZ Perspective

Professor. Roger Pitchford  and Mr Semisi

Extradition Act 2003

Madam Justice Shameem & Mr. Savenaca Banuve

Constitutional Redress - A Practitioner’s Perspective

Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Mr. Sevuloni Valenitabua, Ms. Makareta Waqavonvono, & Ms. Shaista Shameem

(Un)Limited Freedom of expression

Mr Matt Wilson, Mr. Kitione Vuataki & Mr Chen Bun Young

Code of Conduct - Practical Implications

Mr. Walter Rigamoto, Mr Geno Mr. Iqbal Jannif

Constitutional Litigation

Mr. Nainendra Nand & Mr. Jon Apted

Law Reform in Fiji - the Way Forward

Mr. Alipate Qetaki

Assessment of Damages in Personal Injury Claims

Mr. Justice Pathik, Mr. Jay Udit & Mr. A. K. Narayan


Attorney-General’s Conference 2002

Bill of Rights and Constitutional Redress

Mr. Justice Kepa and Mr. Nainendra Nand

Public Service Appeals Board (A Review)

Mr. Gyan Singh

Medical Confidentiality - the need to disclose and to whom?

Ms. Nancy Tererri

Sexual Offences and Child Abuse

Panel Discussion

Sports Law in Fiji

Panel Discussion

Women and the Law

Madam Justice Shameem

ICC and its implications on Fiji

Mr. Sakiusa Rabuka

Negligence in Schools - Why and what needs to be done?

Mr. Justice Singh

Indefeasibility of Titles under Torrens System: are registered titles indefeasible?

Mr. Robert Smith

Protection of Traditional Knowledge (PSJ)

Mr. Alipate Qetaki

Committal Proceedings - has it served its purpose? - Mr Raza

Mr. Mehboob Raza

Liquor Laws - Possible Reforms? Swann

Ms. Ofa Swann

Industrial relations Law in Fiji and the need for Reform

Panel Discussion


Attorney-General’s Conference 2001

Transnational Organised Crime and its effects in Fiji

Mr. Moses Driver

Treaties and Conventions

Mr. Sakiusa Rabuka

Trade and Investment Laws of Fiji - Implications and Effectiveness

Mr. Richard Naidu

Customary Rights: A Resource Owners Perspective and State's Obligation

Mr. Alipate Qetaki

FNPF and Pension Laws - Proposed Amendments to the Pubic Trustee Act

Mr. Rokovunisei

Consumer Credit Law - The Consumer Credit Act 1999 and its Implication

Mr. Haroon Lateef

Civil Evidence and Procedure

Mr. Justice Scott

Implementation and Challenges of the UNCLOS in the South Pacific Region

Dr Transform Aqorau

Magistrate’s Court - Practice and Need for Reform

Chief Magistrate, Mr. Salesi Temo

Ethics, professional Conduct and the Legal Profession - Challenges for the Legal Profession in the Aftermath of the May 2000 Crisis

Panel Discussion


Attorney-General's Conference 1999

Some Reflections on the 1997 Constitution

Mr. Nainendra Nand

Environmental law - Current Position and Future Development

Ms. Mere Pulea

Customary Law - Is there a need to review and strengthen?

Ms. Alipate Qetaki

Judicial Accountability

Mr. Justice Michael Scott

Views from the Bar - Mr Sweetman, Ms Aruna Prasad, Mr Knight, Mr Raza

Mr. Barrie Sweetman, Ms. Aruna Prasad, Mr. Peter Knight & Mr. Mehboob Raza

Children and the Family

Ms. Asenaca Uluiviti

Extradition Law and Reform

Mr. William Calanchini

Law of Succession

Ms. Mere Pulea

Art of Cross Examination

Mr. Justice John Byrne

Human Rights - A Fijian Perspective

Mr. Graham Leung

HIV and the Law

Ms. Miles Young

Assessment of Damages

Mr. Justice Pathik

Role of State Counsel in JR and Recent Trends

Mr. Justice Fatiaki

Domestic Violence- Approach by the Courts

Mr. Shafiullah Khan


Attorney-General's Conference 1998

Attorney General's Chambers in the 21st Century

Mr. Naiendra Nand

Public Sector Reform

Mr. Mosese Sikivou

New Electoral Process

Mr. Walter Rigamoto

Examination in Chief

Mr. Justice John Byrne

Public Service Accountability and the Role of the Auditor General

Auditor-General - Mr. Michael Jacobs

Legal Aid

Ms. Aruna Prasad

The View From the Bench

Mr. Justice Scott, Mr. Justice Fatiaki, Ms. Makareta Waqavonovono

Legislative Drafting

Mr. John Wilson

Reform at Public Enterprise

Mr. Brian Singh

Medical negligence

Mr. Daniel Singh

Human Rights and the New Constitution

Ms. Caren Wickliff

Freedom of Information

Mr. Apisalome Tudreu