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The Solicitor-General of Fiji: Mr Christopher Thomas Pryde

Mr Pryde obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1990. He has had a varied legal practice which has included work in conveyancing, immigration, trusts and matrimonial property, as well civil and criminal litigation.

After obtaining a Post-Graduate Diploma in East Asian Studies and then a Master of Arts Degree from the Australian National University in 1996 he was invited to join the legal team of a major Japanese trading company in Osaka, Japan. He was involved in supervising and drafting international agreements, in particular, financing and licensing agreements. He was actively involved in a number of international arbitration disputes in New York and Indonesia.

He lived in Japan until 2002 when he returned to Christchurch, New Zealand and continued to practise until he accepted the position of Solicitor-General of Fiji in 2007. Amongst his professional activities he is a Chairman of the Legal Aid Commission, Chairman of the Copyright Awareness Committee, Chairman of the Costs Review Committee (Legal), and a member of the Board of Legal Education.