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Vision, Mission & Values


The legal services provided by the Office of the Attorney General enhance confidence for stability and growth for a peaceful and prosperous Fiji


To provide quality legal services to Government and to facilitate access to law with an independent and impartial professional legal service high calibre


The values that we uphold are designed to achieve our Vision and Mission. These values are derived from the Public Service Act 1999 and the Legal Practitioners Act 1997, which include the following:

  • Cherish and uphold Government's objective of peace, unity and prosperity
  • Serve the country's interests with diligence and honesty
  • Pursue public service that transcend self-interest and avoids conflict of interest
  • Work cordially with professional colleagues to uphold the honour and integrity of the legal profession
  • Uphold professional obligation as officers of the Court
  • Maintain confidentiality, discipline, and dedication
  • Respect the rights and liberties of individuals
  • Foster teamwork, courtesy, and respect at workplace - esprit de corps
  • Maintaining impartiality, transparency, accountability, and being apolitical
  • Uphold the rule of law
  • Maintain public confidence, earn and show respect and dignity to our clients, professional colleagues, judiciary, legal system, and the public at large
  • protect public interest and be responsive to their needs